Seniors and Family Policy

Seniors and Family Policy

The first step in our family policy and seniors is successful. Now comes the second, as important as the first, which will reflect over the next three years the goodwill, the partnership, the mutual assistance of all the people concerned and the success of the actions proposed by the family Committee.

The involvement of the family Committee members will also be impressive by 2021, as they will have to evaluate the completion of the work at six months. The study of successful and unsuccessful actions will be the subject of meetings and will allow to look at the reasons and/or factors responsible.

The Committee undertakes to share with the population the results of its assessments. After all, it is our family policy, a tool to help families and seniors and to improve the quality of our living environment. We can also continue to say, "grow up with me!"

 On June 5, 2019, the department "responsable des Aînés et des Proches aidants" officially awarded the Town of Temiscaming the title of "friendly municipality of seniors" for the duration of its 2019-2021 action plan.

This recognition reflects the quality of the approach and the mobilization of our community to meet the challenges associated with the ageing of our population by developing a culture of social inclusion of seniors and proposing sustainable and concrete solutions for their well-being.

It also underlines the importance of the work of consultation and concertation carried out to date, both to encourage the participation of seniors in decisions that concern them only to support their willingness to remain active the longer possible.

Members of the Family Committee:
  • Kati Belliard
  • Pierre Bérubé
  • Samir Boumerzoug
  • Guylaine Brien
  • Julie Dénommé
  • Joanne Di Morizio
  • Josée Gauvreau
  • Brittany Jennison
  • Vincent Labranche
  • Guy Lacelle
  • Sophie-Hélène Picard
  • Robert Poitras