Sceptic installation - 3 questions / 3 answers

Sceptic installation - 3 questions / 3 answers

QUESTION: When do I need to pump my septic system?

ANSWER: Quebec regulation sees that specific times are fixed to empty scum and sludge from the septic system:

  • At least once every second year if used year round;
  • At least once every four year if used on a seasonal basis (less than 180 days per year).

QUESTION: What should I do in order to improve the operation of my septic installation?

ANSWER: Many steps and habits should be taken / done for your septic system to run better.  Like:

  • Make sure to know the locations of the components of your septic system;
  • Avoid circulating above the components of your septic system with a motorized vehicle because it could break the pipes, the holding tank or any other components.  Circulating above the components can also compact the soil and cause discharges and a deficient treatment of waste water.
  • When needed, get your septic tank emptied by a professional.
  • Only send your waste water (toilet) and your household grey-water (sinks, showers, etc.) to the septic system.  Do not connect your roof and foundation pipes to it.
  • Moderately use cleaning chemicals products.  Do not throw paint, gas, pesticides, oil, antifreeze or any other chemical products in your sink or toilet.  These products are toxic for the bacterial flora of your septic system.
  • Avoid throwing in the toilet or the sink the following products : dental floss, feminine hygiene products, condoms, diapers, cigarette butts, cotton swabs, coffee grounds, cat litter, paper towel, or any other households article that could cause a break of the treatment device.
  • Use water responsibly and fix water taps or toilet leaks as soon as possible because higher the water consumption, higher the demand is put on the system so more risks of the system  malfunctioning.
  • Avoid the use of additives.  Additives that some people suggest to add to your septic tank is not necessary.  Some are not even recommended because they may affect and damage the septic tank and system and the drain field.
  • Avoid throwing fatty materials in the sink (cooking oil, greasy broth and others) because they can accumulate in your septic tank.
  • Avoid as much as possible the use of a garbage disposal unit.  They can cause heavier charges and an increase in the accumulation of sludge in the septic system.
  • Respectez les recommandations contenues dans le guide du fabricant.

QUESTION: Under the bylaw concerning waste water treatment and disposal for detached residences (Q 2, r.22), when do I need a permit?

ANSWER: A permit from your municipality is needed in the following situations:

  • Before building a new residence;
  • Before adding a bedroom in a residence;
  • Before building, renovating, changing, reconstructing, moving or extending a septic system.
For more information or clarification, contact the municipal inspector at 819-627-3273, extension 106 or by e-mail at