Thursday 09 July 2020
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Office municipal d'habitation

The Office Municipal d'Habitation of Témiscaming (HLM) has for mandate to offer affordable housing to people over 50 years old, still autonomous or in slight loss of autonomy. The board of director brings support to the management in managing 30 units in 2 buildings: Villa Marguerite d'Youville (10 units) and Villa Ste-Theresa (20 units).  There are 2 community living rooms as well as a wonderful well maintained backyard where one can garden and relax in the open air.

The board of directors is composed of the following members :

  • Philippe Barette (municipal representative)
  • Diane Gaudet (municipal representative)
  • Denis Bisson (municipal representative)
  • Gérard Barbe (socioeconomic representative)
  • Andrée Raymond (socioeconomic representative)
  • Léo Mathieu (tenant representative)
  • Lise Poitras (tenant representative)

To visit a unit

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A site visit can be arranged by contacting the management at the address below.

Request for affordable housing

Complete the forms at the bottom of this page and mail it to the following address:

Julie Dénommé, Director
Office municipal d'habitation de Témiscaming
20, Riordon Avenue
Témiscaming, QC J0Z 3R0

Telephone: 705-358-4370

Documents to download:

Affordable housing application
Appendix - Affordable housing application - Questions Regarding Independence Evaluation