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Contract Management Policy

As a result of legislative changes, two new laws govern contract management in the municipalities:

  • Bill 76 – Tighten the regulation regarding contract allocation in the municipal sector,
  • Bill 102 – Act to amend various legislative provisions respecting municipal affairs.

The municipal ethics and good conduct act completed all these changes.  In fact, the Town of Témiscaming adopted its contract management policy February 8th, 2011.

You can consult the list of all contracts involving an expenditure over $25,000 in the section « links to visit » at the bottom of this page.  This list will be updated once a month as per article 477.5 al. 1 and 2 from the City’s and Town’s Act.

Links to visit:

Politique de gestion contractuelle (French only)

Report on contracts allocation by organization for municipal government.

Family Policy

Josette McCann

Josette McCann
President, Family Committee

Our 2nd family policy is now a reality.  “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”, that was our motto.  We wanted a tool to help us improve our quality of life, we visualized it, believed in it, and now we have it.

The family committee, with its 15 members, is the perfect picture of our municipality.  All age groups from the young, the teenagers, the adults, and the seniors are all well represented.  This document which is the result of many meetings, discussions, exchanges, and decisions summarizes the objectives to work on from now till 2015 and the proposed actions to achieve them.

Problems do exist in our town and in many families.  But we must remember all the good that does exist and to be proud of what is being done.  We must continue to work together, to improve our quality of life.

We may be citizens, volunteers, local organizations, financial partners, public services but we are all part of one huge family, the Town of Temiscaming.  Let us continue to strive to get better and say, “Grow with me!”.

Members of the Family Committee:

  • Gabrielle Proulx
  • Nicole Rochon
  • Kati Belliard
  • Pauline Doire
  • Mélissa Rancourt
  • Samir Boumerzoug
  • Lucie Bernard
  • Guylaine Brien
  • Roxanne Major
  • François Desjardins
  • Josette McCann
  • Julie Dénommé
  • Nathalie Gilbert
  • Julie Ménard
  • Marisa Scobie
  • Yves Girard


Wanting a symbol to represent our uniqueness and our beautiful region because of its exceptional natural characteristics, everyone agreed to our artist’s design which represents perfectly who we are.

LogoThe tree is the symbol of our area.

The leaves of different colors represent all the age groups:
Yellow: the children (new life)
Red: the teenagers (life)
Green: the adults (maturity)
Grey: the elderly (wisdom)

The trunk, solid and straight, corresponds to the letter T, first letter of the name of our town, Temiscaming. In the background, row houses, a familiar sight in town.

Our slogan “Grow with me!” concerns us all. We cannot grow alone.  Regardless of our age, young and old, we need the help, the support, and the encouragement of others surrounding us, family members, friends, and others.

Document to be downloaded: